New Study: Lack of Sleep Makes a Person Less Attractive

Our society gives a lot of importance on physical attractiveness. Thousands of products have been created to enhance one’s physical appearance and advertisements feature only those who are physically attractive. However, despite of the many innovations and products to make a person attractive, a new study found out what makes people less attractive – lack of sleep.

According to the Independent, a new study conducted by researchers from Stockholm University revealed that lack of sleep makes people less attractive.

lack of sleep
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The study, which involved 25 participants, was conducted by asking the participants to get plenty of sleep for two consecutive nights. They were then, a week after, asked to sleep for only four hours for two consecutive nights.

The participants were then photographed without any make up after the two sessions. Their photos were then presented to 122 men and women to rate their attractiveness, sleepiness, health and even trustworthiness.

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The results revealed that people found the participants who lack sleep to be less attractive, looked less healthy, less trustworthy and they would not want to socialize with them.

Sleep-deprived individuals also look less healthy, and humans, like many other animals, tend to be disease avoidant. If someone appears to be contagious, others are likely to keep their distance.

So if you feel like you are less attractive, try hitting the sack and you’ll see the difference.

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