Would You Believe These Three Incredible Inventions were Made by Filipinos?

How much do you know about inventions created by Filipino geniuses? There are actually a lot of these awesome inventions yet many are lost because of lack of funding or just didn’t click with the public.

There are also claims of inventions supposedly made by Filipinos but were patented by foreigners after the inventor sold the design or showed it to another person. One sad reason for that is the fact that inventors do not receive a lot of assistance from the government.

The following are some of the inventions that made it to the homes of the general public – and these were made by Filipinos!

filipino inventions
Credit to The Lord of The Nerds

The Karaoke!

Alright, there is a dispute here because a similar invention made by Japanese Daisuke Inoue was the one that became the most popular across the world but Filipino Roberto Del Rosario also claimed to have created the singing machine.

Built in 1975, Del Rosario used a microphone, a cassette tape, and amplifier in his invention which was later known as the “Minus One”.

Computer Microchips

When talking about computer microchips, you probably have tech geniuses like Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and Mark Zuckerberg in mind. Well, these people benefited a lot from microchips in their respective businesses but did you know it was actually a Filipino who built the first microchip?

In 1972, while in Commodore, Diosdado ‘Dado’ Banatao created the first 16-bit chip. Today, the chips have become more compact and capable of processing more data but if not for Banatao’s invention, the modern world would have been quite different as we know it now.

The Medical Incubator

You have probably encountered premature babies who need to be placed inside an incubator but did you know that a Filipino was the first to have thought about making this now essential medical equipment?

Fe Del Mundo who earned her degree at the Harvard School of Medicine [she was the first woman to be accepted at Harvard!] not only invented the medical incubators being used in hospitals around the world, she also created one from bamboo for use in rural areas in the Philippines.

Other inventions made by Filipinos:

  • SMS Reader for the Blind by engineering students from the De La Salle University
  • Super Bunker Formula-L, a revolutionary fuel making use of water by Rudy Lantano Sr.
  • Video Phone by Gregorio Zara
  • 3-in-1 Fire Truck by Alfredo M. Anos, Sr.
  • Mole Remover by Rolando dela Cruz
  • Quink Ink by Francisco Quisumbing
  • Banana Catsup by Maria Orosa y Ylagan
  • Erythromycin by Abelardo Aguilar
  • The Moon Buggy by Eduardo San Juan

Source:  The Lord of The Nerds, Definitely Filipino

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