Effective Dengue Cure Available in Zambales for More than 10 Years Already?

Thousands of people, mostly kids, have died of dengue in the Philippines alone. There is no known cure for this deadly viral infection – or so the government says. People who live in Olongapo City and neighboring areas in Zambales have long known that there is an effective cure developed by the Fabunan brothers, a team of genius doctors who had saved countless lives in the area.

It appears that they were able to develop a “wonder drug”. It has been proven successful by the hundreds of dengue patients the doctors had treated over the years – one of these success stories was that of my son.


In a recent conversation with my wife, she recalled how our son was diagnosed with dengue back when he was still in Grade 1. His platelet count was already low and he looked really pitiful, with reddish eyes and gums on the verge of bleeding (dengue can cause hemorrhagic bleeding).

Frantic about the state of our son’s health, she felt thankful that a friend told her about Dr. Willie Fabunan and the clinic’s effective cure. Her friend’s youngest child had suffered from dengue but was immediately cured after a visit to the clinic.

My wife did not waste time in obtaining an appointment to the clinic (you need to set an appointment before you are received at the clinic). Thankfully, they were able to schedule one that night. Our son was immediately given the shot, which at the time was priced at P1,500 per shot.

She was told that our boy would need two more shots, so they returned the following morning as well as in the evening. After receiving the injections, she observed that his symptoms were going away. Gone was the pitiable look on our son’s face. Laboratory tests confirmed that his platelet count was going up – our son was cured!

We feared for the worst and couldn’t imagine what could have happened to our son if he was not injected by the drug developed by the Fabunan brothers.

As I mentioned above, that incident happened few years ago – yet, until now, there is still no approved drug or vaccine against dengue.

The “miracle drug” featured on TV

Did you know that last August 25, 2011, GMA Network’s 24 Oras had featured Dr. Willie Fabunan and his miracle medicine – that’s 3 1/2 years ago, to date! The episode showed how dengue patients went to the clinic, many on the verge of death, and were cured after getting the shots.

The doctor’s practice was brought to the attention of the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) Region 3 who paid him a visit, also included in that report. The FDA officials questioned his methods, saying that it was against the law to administer any medication, vaccine, or drug not approved by the FDA.

Fabunan, however, refused to reveal the components of the drug they created, in fears that someone would only copy the medicine and make a profit for themselves. He clarifies that the components of the drugs were actually approved by the FDA.

The FDA officials had no choice but to leave empty-handed but warned they would take the matter to the main office.

The drug had saved our son’s life. We are hoping it can also help save the lives of other dengue sufferers.

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