What Happens Inside Your Stomach After Eating Packed Noodles?

Packed noodles such as ramen are a favorite, not just among Chinese people but even with people of other races in countries reached by Chinese cuisine and products.

Ramen is delicious and easy to cook; thus, it is easy to see why this budget food is the preferred option of many people, especially those in a hurry to cook more elaborate dishes.

But have you ever wondered what happens inside your stomach after eating this processed food? Well, most of us do not worry about that but one doctor made a study to check that out.


Dr. Braden Kuo of the Massachusetts General Hospital wondered whether the body is able to digest processed food the same way as freshly made food. After finding several test subjects willing to participate in the study, he asked them to eat processed food and a camera the size of a pill. Then, at another day, these test subjects were made to eat freshly made noodles.

The observations made in this study are incredible, if not sickeningly scary. With the packed noodles containing preservatives, the meal was not digested as fast as freshly made food.

In a video shared by jazzy smith on YouTube, WCVB5 interviewed the doctor who also shared clips taken from the pill cameras ingested by the test subjects. When viewed side by side, the clips show the huge differences between the two meals.

At 20 minutes, the packed noodles still look whole while the fresh noodles were partly digested. At 2 hours, the clips exhibit a striking difference in that the packed noodles still look undigested yet the fresh noodles have been digested already!

Dr. Kuo was careful in saying, however, that his study was small and further studies still need to be done before a definitive conclusion can be done. Asked whether he would still eat packed noodles after this video, Kuo admitted he still would but in moderation.

Check out the video here:


Sources: WCVB5, YouTube/jazzy smith

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