WATCH: Robot Used in Removing Tumors Stitches a Grape inside a Bottle

A robotic device used by doctors to perform complicated  and minimally invasive surgeries was able to stitch together a skin of a grape inside a small bottle.

In the video uploaded by NewsMedia on YouTube, the small device known as the Da Vinci surgery system was able to execute the delicate task of suturing the tiny berry which is approximately less than an inch long.

The video proved the capabilities of the device to perform painfully difficult tasks such as reattaching the skin on the grape and tying the knots during the stitching process. The grape is still in almost perfect condition after the procedure.

The Da Vinci Robot is used by medical professionals  in the removal of tumors and gall bladders. With an amazing precision that human hands can’t contest, the robot is remotely operated by surgeons. Through a 3D camera, a surgeon can view the operation happening inside a surgical hole which is less than two centimeters.

Although the machine has been available since 2000, it is not available in all hospitals because of its high cost. The device is priced at an eye-popping $2 million, while its annual maintenance fee is $100,000.

Watch the amazing moment a robot stitches a grape back together.

The Da Vinci Surgery

Regarded as state-of-the art, the Da Vinci surgery sets itself apart from other surgery options since it operates through just a few small incisions.

Surgeons are able to operate with enhanced precision, vision, and control since it uses a machine with tiny wristed instruments that have better bending and rotating capabilities compared to the human wrist. Thus, the surgeon will be able to translate his or her hand movement through the machine.

Moreover, the machine also uses a 3D high-definition vision system.

More than 1.5 million surgical procedures have employed the use of the Da Vinci system around the world.

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