Useful Tips to Help You Recover from an All-Nighter

There might be moments in your life when you have to sacrifice sleep because of something more important. For example, you might be preparing for a presentation at a meeting or in school, studying for a difficult exam, finishing up a project due the next day, or, perhaps, forced to go sleepless so you can watch over your sick baby or family member.

Whatever the reason for your all-nighter, we know just how difficult it could be when you have to attend school or go to work the following the day. The lack of sleep is going to take its toll on your body – and you just might end up ruining your day by sleeping through your important event.

Thankfully, science has provided us with ways to combat the zombie-mode after an all-nighter. Here are some of the tips shared by the Science of Us Sleep Institute, according to New York Magazine.

Breakfast and Coffee

You’ve already heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, especially after an all-nighter, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Never skip this meal or your day will quickly go down the drain.

Coffee is your wonder drug here – as the caffeine kicks in, your system will be up and running again (for a couple of precious minutes, anyway). However, there’s a specific number of cups you can take at specific intervals for this to work in your favor. You’d best watch the video below and take notes of the instructions to follow.

Time Management

It is essential that you manage your time properly. Your most energetic moments happen at the start of the day – and your energy goes down as the day progresses. Thus, it is important that you finish your most difficult tasks as early as possible, preventing the complications brought about by brain drain.

For other useful tricks, check out this video by New York Magazine:

We hope these tips helped you recover from your all-nighter. Good luck!

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