Public Bathroom Dilemma: Should You Hover or Cover the Toilet Seat?

Pooping and urinating are part of our body’s natural processes but you could not always do these things in the privacy of your own home. After all, the body can only hold on to the urge to poop or urinate for a limited amount of time – and holding those waste matters for long periods of time can be dangerous to your health!

For this reason, public bathrooms are provided in most buildings and facilities. Now, with so many people using these public toilets, the dilemma now is whether you should hover or cover the toilet seat. Which one is more hygienic? The answer just might surprise you!

According to a video created by AsapSCIENCE, it is true that public toilet seats contain plenty of germs but you have to remember that most of the germs thriving in these dirty spots are of the same species as the ones you already have in your body. So, sitting on these seats probably won’t be adding new germ species to your body, theoretically, of course.

public restroom

Now, there are people who place tissue on the seats so they could sit properly. Although this gives you peace of mind, you have to remember that the act of flushing the toilet actually propels germs to the air – germs which could go to the walls, floors, toilet tank, door handles, and the tissue paper. Thus, the tissue paper you place on the toilet seats is probably just as dirty as the toilet seat!

Well, you could always hover over the seat. But as we already explained above, the rest of the bathroom is already quite dirty – perhaps even the air, especially if the person behind you had just flushed the loo.

What a huge dilemma this can surely be, especially if you are so health conscious that you do not want to touch anything with germs; though we have to remind you that everything contains germs and, as the video pointed out, the average kitchen chopping board and sponge could contain more germs than your toilet seat!

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