Man Creates World Record for Farthest Hoverboard Flight

If you’ve seen “Back to the Future”, then you know just how cool hoverboards can be.

Hoverboards have always been part of the future – the future wherein man is able to fly using the smallest transportation he could ever use. These are often lumped together with jetpacks and flight shoes.

It is amazing to see how far we have come in the field of technology because the future is here! Catalin Alexandru Duru created a hoverboard which he was able to successfully test. His design appears to have made use of drone technology and could be controlled using his feet.

Creating a World Record

He was so confident with his prototype that he contacted Guinness World Records to attempt a world record title for the “Farthest Journey by Hoverboard”.

To achieve the record, Catalin needed to fly his hoverboard for a minimum of 50 meters (65 feet). How do you think he fared?

At the start of the video shared by Guinness World Records on YouTube, Catalin could be seen standing on his hoverboard which appears to be floating on top of the sea. When its power was turned on, the hoverboard rose and hovered over that area before beginning its spectacular journey.

Catalin’s hoverboard looked quite steady – and viewers have this feeling that he is going to make it. And make it he did! Not only did Catalin reach the 50-meter mark, he was able to fly his device for a total of 275.9-meter (905 feet and 2 inches) before it fell down to the sea! That’s over 225 meters from the minimum! Incredible, isn’t it?

The Future is Here!

Hoverboards were used as a personal means of transport in “Back to the Future”. When the movie series was made, these hoverboards were achieved using special effects but with the real hoverboards now here, we’re quite sure we do not have to wait very long before these will be made available in the market. Isn’t that exciting? I’d sure hope I could get my hands on one once it is released to the public.

Watch Catalin and his hoverboard in action in this video:

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