If You’re Bored of Exercising to Lose Weight, Try These Weird Ways to Burn Calories

It seems that people these days are always trying to find ways to lose weight, whether through dieting or doing some forms of exercise. However, doing the same exercise routines can be quite boring – and you could even reach a plateau wherein you will not be burning off as much calories as you would have wanted even with the same intense exercise you are doing.

Well, you could always change your exercise routines – or try these weird ways to burn calories, as pointed out by the guys at AsapSCIENCE.

First, however, you must set a goal. How much calories are you trying to burn? How much weight are you trying to lose? How much time are you willing to spare so you can reach your weight loss goals?

What if we set it just 200 calories at a time? It would definitely be easy to burn 200 calories through exercise but if you are bored doing the usual routines, here are some examples of activities you can enjoy while burning off those excess calories.

Watch the video by AsapSCIENCE:

Other Ways to Burn 200 Calories

If those weird ways to burn 200 calories are too funny and too weird for you to try, you can try these other options.

You can give your partner or someone a 42-minute massage to burn off those calories. How wonderful can that be? Well, you had just made someone happy while getting a step closer towards your goal.

Puttering around the house for 30 minutes while cleaning and moving furniture can also be a great way to lose weight! Painting your walls for about an hour can also burn the same amount of calories.

Who said you can’t have fun while shedding off those extra calories? You can challenge your friends to a game of badminton – and burn those calories in 40 minutes. Dancing is a good form of self-expression and is great for burning calories. For example, dancing for 37 minutes can burn those extra 200 calories off your body!

dancing girls

A 2-hour game of Scrabble or other board games is another fun option to shake off the calories.

You can also enjoy shopping to lose weight. You can shed off 11 calories for every outfit you try on, so just try on at least 20 clothes.

So, which ones are you going to try?

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