British Physicist Brian Cox Slaps Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists In A Single Tweet

July 20, 1969 marked that historic day when man finally landed on the Moon. It was during that remarkable achievement that Neil Armstrong spoke immortalized the phrase “One small step for man, one giant step for mankind.”

The United States have been the only country to conduct a successful manned mission to that destination.

Although that first lunar landing has already hit its 46th anniversary this year, some still remain skeptical about it. There are those who believe that it was nothing but a hoax, claiming that it all took place inside a small studio directed by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.

During the anniversary, British physicist Brian Cox, who teaches particle physics at the University of Manchester, had a short but scathing message for all those still in doubts about the landing’s authenticity. He posted this on his Twitter account:

brian cox tweet

The tweet reached Buzz Aldrin himself, one of the original astronauts from the Apollo 11 crew. In response, the second man on the Moon tweeted back:

buzz aldrin tweet

Aldrin also reflected back on the entire landing experience on his Facebook account last Monday, sharing several photos from their mission which delighted many of his social media followers.

When Neil Armstrong took this photo of me during our #Apollo11 moon landing it was very spur of the moment. He said “…

Posted by Buzz Aldrin on Monday, July 20, 2015

In 2002, Aldrin made headlines when he punched a Bart Sibrel, a Bible-toting lunatic who harassed him outside his hotel. The former astronaut lost his patience when the lunatic kept asking him to swear on the Bible that the lunar landing was true, even calling him as “a coward, and liar, and a thief.”

In February 2001, Fox TV aired a documentary called “Did We Land on the Moon?” which further fueled conspiracy theories.

Cox commented:

“Americans never landed on the moon? You might as well say America was never discovered!”

To which Aldrin added:

“These people are doing a terrible disservice to the youngsters in education today.”

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