3 Ways Your Smartphone Destroys Your Relationships According to Research

From the time cellular phones were invented, people have started to become more and more dependent on the gadget. With its new updates and innovations coming out every year, the cellular phone have been replaced with smartphones that not only provides easier communication but also almost everything we need: from providing you with access to emails to apps that can manage your work and other needs you may have.


Unfortunately, these smartphones have the potential to destroy your relationships.

So, how does smartphones ruin our relationships?

Here are 3 Ways Your Smartphone Destroys Your Relationships According to Research:

1. It consumes a lot of our time.

According to a 2014 study, college students spend nearly nine hours everyday on their cellphones and these cellphones have become a very important part of our lives and has become a tool that “enslaves” us.

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2. Phubbing damages our relationship with our partners.

“Pphubbing” is when we ignore someone by paying more attention to our cellphones rather than giving our full attention to another person. According to a research from Baylor University, “phubbing” damages romantic relationships and has caused conflict and one of the people in the said relationship have felt depressed because their partner “phubbed”.

3. It makes children feel they are competing with mobile phones for their parents’ attention.

In a research conducted by AVG, an online security company, over 50 per cent of children surveyed felt that their parents checked their phones too frequently. Worse, about 30 per cent of these kids felt that they were unimportant and said that their parents allowed themselves to be distracted by their mobile device during their discussion.

While our mobile phones have become almost an essential item in managing our work and life, mobile phones are slowly and surely damaging our relationships. Now that we are aware of how it can affect our relationships, we can start doing something about it.

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