10 Weirdest Medical Conditions in the World

Medical conditions and ailments have plagued human beings since the dawn of our lives – for many different reasons, including genetics and environmental factors.

There are people born with various medical conditions which might affect the way they live for the rest of their lives while most are born normal, live a normal life, and develop certain medical conditions or catch ailments from time to time.

Now, medical journals are filled with detailed reports about various medical conditions affecting people, some of which are very rare while other are common conditions that had to be studied, oftentimes in hopes that a cure could be created someday.

Pupula duplex Photo credit: YouTube/Top Trending
Pupula duplex
Photo credit: YouTube/Top Trending

The internet is also filled with similar information; though with less scientific/medical detail than what is available in the medical journals. One such information can be found in the list created by Top Trending of the “10 Strangest Medical Conditions”. The list is, in no way, the absolute representative of medical conditions known to man but it does offer several that are truly strange in their own right.

10 Strangest Medical Conditions

Pupula duplex is among the medical conditions on the list, characterized by the presentation of two eyes in one eyeball or, more specifically, two pupils and irises in one eyeball. This abnormality is so rare that there is very little conclusive information about it.

Another condition that made it to the list is water allergy. Scientifically termed as aquagenic urticarial, the condition is among the worst that could affect a person because the human body needs water in order to survive but sufferers often experience a very strong reaction against water (or other forms of liquid, such as tears and sweat)! Thankfully, this condition is very rare.

Another rare and weird medical condition, spatial orientation phenomenon can be quite funny to imagine. This condition is characterized by the person’s lack of correct spatial orientation – meaning this person sees the world in an inverted manner. Sufferers could learn to deal with the condition but might look to funny for others as they might need to invert things to “see” them correctly. So, it would be “normal” for a sufferer to read a book upside down.

For more information about the other weird medical conditions on the list, check out this video:

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