10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Faster!

So you’ve been strugging with weight loss for the longest time starving yourself and trying all kinds of fad diets? It can be very frustrating! Well, weight loss isn’t really difficult as it seems and there are easy ways to lose weight fast without having to sacrifice a lot. Sounds too good to be true?

Lose Weight Faster

The experts from Authority Nutrition shares 10 easy weight loss tips that anyone can follow!

1. Eat more protein for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it helps if you add more protein to your breakfast. Consuming a high protein breakfast has been proven to reduce cravings theoughout the day, which results to less calorie intake.

2. Avoid fruit juice and drinks that are sugary.

Drinks with too much sugar and fruit juices are the most fattening beverages. Too much sugar in these drinks are stored to become fat. Avoid them now to lose weight.

3. Drink water before a meal.

A study has revealed that drinking water 30 minutes before a meal help increase weight loss by 44% over 3 months. Drink your water to lose weight!

4. Choose foods that help with weight loss.

There are certain foods that help hasten weight loss like tuna, salmon and whole eggs. Choosing these foods instead of fattening foods will help you lose that stubborn weight.

5. Eat foods with soluble fiber.

Foods with soluble fiber (like fruits and vegetables) may actually help reduce fat specially in the belly area. So if your tummy has been bulging because of fat, try consuming foods with soluble fiber to lose them.

6. Choose caffeinated drinks over other beverages.

Drinking tea or coffee definitely has an advantage, several studies have shown that caffeine in these drinks boost metabolism by 3-11%. Just make sure there’s not too much sugar or cream in your coffee, though.

7. Choose whole, unprocessed foods.

Unprocessed whole foods also help us feel less hungry and more full. The less hungry we feel, the more likely we are to avoid eating too much, which helps us avoid gaining weight.

8. Eat food slowly.

“Eat your food slowly” is not just a saying. Studies have shown that people who eat slowly feel fuller and their weight reducing hormones actually get boosts. In addition, people who eat fast gain more weight over time.

9. Use a smaller dish when you eat.

It’s not a myth, using a smaller dish or plate really does help in weight loss. Studies have shown that people who use smaller plates eat less than ones who use regular ones. Try it and you may find yourself losing weight.

10. Sleep well at night.

Sleep well and good at night, every night. Studies have shown poor sleep quality is one the strongest risk factors for weight gain. Take care of your sleep so it won’t be difficult to lose weight.

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