Successful Experiment: Cheetah-inspired Robot Jumps on in Its Own!

The engineers at MIT have created an autonomous robot that can jump on its own by calculating the obstacle and readjusting its pace.

This four-legged robot is inspired by a cheetah; though its appearance is not really as sleek as the giant cat it represents. Still, it can run quite fast for a robot and jump like a real four-legged creature!

The Fastest Running and Jumping Four-legged Robot?

You really must see it in action to believe that this feat was possible for a robot! And to think that this creature does not have to be pre-programmed to jump at a specific time but makes speed calculations to be able to execute the jump!


Right now, the prototype has been successfully tested to jump over obstacles that are up to 18 inches tall. Previously, its record was jumping over obstacles that are 13 inches tall while running at a speed of 5 miles per hour. According to an article on Mashable, the robot beat its own record and is the first four-legged robot to successfully jump over a hurdle of such height.

Amazing and Terrifying Creation

It really is an amazing creation yet also quite terrifying if you come to think of it. After all, this could mean that people would be able to have these “pet robots” in the future. Who knows what these robots will be capable of doing then? They certainly wouldn’t be as easy to deal with as real jungle cats if they are used to attack people or break and enter a property.

Can you just imagine how it would feel to meet this “creature” at night while you are alone in a dark place? Robot or not, many would surely run for their lives if they see this creature in the night.

Of course, there are certainly lots of great applications for this cheetah-inspired robot. This might even come handy in the war zone! This is certainly a great robot to watch out for in the future.

You can watch the robot in action here:

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