Planning on Skipping Meals to Lose Weight? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Do That…

A lot of people are trying to lose weight yet end up losing none because of wrong decisions. Foremost is the fact that it is difficult to say “no” to delicious food which are often more calorific than less delicious options.

Another reason is that it is difficult to find time to exercise. There are also those who plan on losing weight by skipping meals yet science has long discovered that doing so can actually achieve the opposite effect.

Survival 101

First, our body is geared for survival – this is the reason why humans are still alive to this day. Thus, when you skip meals, your body tends to conserve as much fat as it can. Not only does it store what fat is available in your digestive system, it will also make sure you don’t burn any “precious” fat unless absolutely necessary. This will ensure your survival should you need to skip more meals because there’s no food available.


Second, your body’s metabolism slows down as your body tries to cope with its energy demands even without calorific input.

In short, you will not lose weight if you skip meals because your body will try to keep everything intact as much as possible!

System Problems

Your digestive system is programmed to work at certain hours of the day. When you skip meals, this could lead to problems with your digestive system. Possible problems include stomach ulcers!

It is also possible that you will experience hormone imbalance. For example, your blood glucose levels could go bonkers as insulin builds up in your blood stream.

Compensating for Lost Meals

Throughout the hours after you skipped meals, your brain creates chemicals that signals your body to eat. This is the reason why you tend to overeat after skipping meals so the body can compensate for the much-need calories it missed.


The more frequently you do this, the more the body will try to compensate for the lost calories. You might be surprised to learn you actually gained weight instead of shed off those extra pounds because of skipping meals!

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