Laser Procedure Can Transform Brown Eyes Blue

Only 17% of the human population has blue eyes and in order to achieve Nicole Kidman’s or Daniel Craig’s tantalizing blue eyes, people have to wear coloured contact lens.

A laser procedure pioneered by Stroma Medical can now magically transform your brown eyes blue. The best thing about it is the procedure lasts for only 20 seconds!

So how exactly can this treatment permanently turn your brown eyes blue?

Speaking to CNN, Dr. Gregg Homer explained the principle behind the groundbreaking procedure: “The fundamental principle is that under every brown eye is a blue eye.”

laser procedure turns brown eyes blue

The only difference between a brown eye and a blue eye is this very thin layer of pigment on the surface,” he added.

By eliminating the melanin present in the anterior layer of the iris, the body will naturally remove the tissue. Several weeks after the procedure, your blue eyes will emerge.

According to Dr. Homer, the procedure costs around $5,000.

Is it Safe?

Preliminary studies about the surgery have declared it safe. In fact, 17 patients in Costa Rica and Mexico have undergone the procedure.

Dr. Homer explained that the laser enters only the iris and does treat the pupil or any other portion of the eye where nerves influencing vision are found.

“It’s difficult to work out a way to injure someone with this laser because the energy is so low,” Dr. Homer explained.

Meanwhile, ophthalmologist at the London Eye Hospital told the CNN the procedure may potentially cause patients to develop glaucoma.

“The main concern with any procedure that involves releasing pigment inside the eye is that the pigment can clog up the normal drainage channels which can in turn cause the pressure inside the eye to go up,” Dr. Saj Khan said.

Currently, Stroma Medical is raising funds to accomplish the trials within several years.

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