Guy With “Curious Case of Rectal Ejaculation” Suffered for 2 Years Before Seeking Help

A man who discharges his semen and urine out of his anus suffered through it for 2 years before finally finding the courage to seek help. Would you have waited for that long, too?

Man Discharges Semen, Urine Through Anus

The human body is complex, with lots of systems and mechanisms that work in harmony with other parts of the body to work well. While we can’t see what’s inside our bodies, we have a general idea of how things work and where body fluids pass or are discharged/excreted.

So, imagine the fright of one guy when things began to turn awry and he began discharging semen and urine through his anus!

The 33-year-old, whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, finally went to the hospital after 5 days of excruciating pain in these parts.

But it turned out that he’s been hiding this secret for 2 years. He had been passing a “substantial amount” of urine and semen from his anus.

It appears that his inner systems had been mixed up because the urine that passes through his male organ contained fecal matter. He also reported discharging gas when he urinates the normal way.

His situation was reported in a case study entitled “A Curious Case of Rectal Ejaculation” published in the journal Cureus.. Lab tests showed that this patient had an abnormal passageway (medically called a fistula) between his rectum and urethra. The liquids from both systems exchange at this part and go out the wrong way.

Doctors learned that the man had been in a coma around 2 years before the onset of his symptoms. He was fitted with a Foley catheter at the time – and that could have caused the fistula.

Surgery was performed to correct the problem. Thankfully, the man is now alright!

What Belongs in the Excretory System?

There are several organs in the excretory system:

  • Lungs
  • Skin
  • Liver
  • Large intestines
  • Kidneys

They all play different roles but are important in ensuring that urine, feces, sweat, etc. are eliminated from the body properly.

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