Did We Really Come from Monkeys? Are We 99% Chimp?

Science and religion have very distinct theories about the existence of man.

On one hand is religion saying a supreme being named God personally created the first man and woman from whom the peoples of the Earth came from. On the other is science saying we all evolved from monkeys who evolved from lesser life forms such as the single-celled organisms.

Who do we believe, really? Choosing any answer opens up a lot of additional questions.

If we choose to believe religion, we should have strong faith in something that is so difficult to understand yet if we choose to believe Science it makes us feel less special because we had once been chimps!

MinuteEarth provides us with a detailed explanation regarding this rather confusing and disheartening debate (for who wants to be called a monkey’s offspring, anyway?

According to a video MinuteEarth posted on YouTube, an extensive comparison between human genes and chimp genes was performed to check whether our genes match or not.

This resulted is something that would surely amaze you.

By taking select genes from a monkey and from a human being, scientists were able to see marked differences between the two, including having several paragraphs of gene sequence located in different areas of the body or having a paragraph appear in reverse order between the two.

Filtering out the mismatched sections resulted in the deletion of around 1.3 billion letters, leaving researchers with around 2.4 billion letters to study. You’ll be amazed to know that with these remaining 2.4 billion letters, the genes of the chimps and those of people match by 98.77!

Yes, we are close to 99% chimp but, as Minute Earth candidly pointed out, this number was only achieved after 1.3 billion letters were discarded and if we ignore 18% as well as 25% of the human genome. So, we are not really 99% chimp in the real sense of the word.

Watch more of the explanations about this topic in this video:

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