5 Surprising Items Dirtier than a Toilet Seat

If there’s one item in the house that I abhor touching, it’s got to be the toilet seat. Try imagining the things that get inside it everyday and you’ll probably agree that it’s the dirtiest thing in the house.

Unknown to many of us, there are things far more infested by bacteria, germs and other gross creatures compared to the toilet seat. You’ll be surprised how these everyday items turn out to be much dirtier than the throne.

Here are 10 surprising things dirtier than a toilet seat, based on an infographic by Plumbworld.

1. Towel


A used towel has all the three elements that allow bacteria to thrive: warmth, moisture, and organic material. It’s the perfect sanctuary for bacteria as it gets wet, is exposed to warm and moist conditions, and picks up dead skin cells. That’s why it’s best to wash it every week.

2. Toothbrush


If your toothbrush is kept in open air near your toilet, then there’s a big probability that contaminants from the throne have actually reached it. A study conducted by researchers at the New York University discovered that tiny particles of water from the toilet can splash up to 6 meters away and ultimately land in your toothbrush.

3. Kitchen Sponge

kitchen sponge

A study done by researchers from Arizona, USA revealed that each square inch of the sponge contains 400 times more bacteria compared to the toilet seat. Moreover, the researchers also found that 10% of the 1,000 sponges tested had traces of Salmonella in it. Remember to replace your kitchen sponge regularly.

4. Money


Do you know that bank notes can be covered by up to 200,000 bacteria? Indeed, “dirty money” seems to be the appropriate term for these bills considering how many people have handled it before it reached your pocket.

5. Smartphone


How often do you clean your smartphone? Studies have shown that smartphones are covered with with up to 10 times more bacteria compared to your toilet seat. Imagine what kind of creatures thrive in your device particularly those who are guilty of using it inside the toilet room.

To discover more things dirtier than your toilet seat, visit Plumbworld.

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