Is it Possible to Record Our Dreams?

Humans spend around 6 years of our lives dreaming yet it is something that is not yet fully understood by science. In fact, science has no specific idea as to why we even sleep in the first place, aside from the mere reason that it helps rejuvenate our bodies, help maintain certain levels of chemicals in the blood, and allow the heart to repairs its tissues.

Now, many humans would wish to record their dreams, especially because there are plenty of times when these appear to have a meaning, provide warning for something, or simply feel so wonderful that it makes the dreamer feel really good about it.


Just imagine how cool it would be if we could record our dreams and replay the scenes while we are awake! It would surely open up a new era in science and fiction. After all, dreams do not often offer the same reality that we are experiencing in life.

For example, in dreams we are capable of doing exciting deeds that only superheroes in movies can do in “real” life – we can fly, run as fast as the wind, jump to another world, create stuff with magic, and just about anything that our imaginations can weave. It would surely be wonderful to be able to relive those fantastic moments.

Considering how we often forget what we had been dreaming about the second we wake up yet know that it had a great one for sure, it would certainly be wonderful to have the ability to have these thoughts recorded.


The problem is that, right now, machines to record dreams are very limited. Although scientists have discovered that they can use MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and video/photo inputs to create computer-generated images of what a person might be dreaming about, this is not yet widely available and has only been used on some test subjects.

But the discovery and creation of this method brings us another step closer to dream-recording. Who knows? We just might be able to buy dream recorders in the near future!

Watch what AsapSCIENCE has to say about recording dreams in this cool video:

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