Harvard Neurosurgeon Confirms Existence of Afterlife after Near Death Experience

He is among those you would least expect to believe in the afterlife – and before his near death experience (NDE), he would tell you he didn’t believe in spirits and the afterlife, either! That’s Dr. Eben Alexander, Harvard-trained brain neurosurgeon who’s had over 25 years of experience in the field of medicine.

What made Dr. Alexander change his mind? It’s simple. He experienced the afterlife firsthand.

But there have been a lot of NDE accounts in the past and several neurosurgeons have hypothesized that these supposed tales of the afterlife are but products of hallucinations, what makes Dr. Alexander’s account different?

Photo credit: Spirit Science and Metaphysics
Photo credit: Spirit Science and Metaphysics

Well, Dr. Alexander’s tales of the afterlife is different because his was backed with scientific data! His experience as neurosurgeon helped him make conclusions to confirm the existence of the afterlife.

The Neurosurgeon in Coma

Dr. Alexander was in coma for 7 days due to severe bacterial meningitis. It was during this period that he experienced afterlife. According to his account, he visited both heavenly and not so heavenly realms. The colors were hyper-vivid and he saw millions of butterflies and fantastic flowers. There was a presence, that of a beautiful girl guiding him but he said they communicated telepathically. He was told they were to teach him a lot of things but he was “going back”.

He later would tell more about what he felt in his journey, saying felt an overwhelming peace and love. This love appeared to be unconditional and was never selfish or jealous.

Love dominated the afterlife to such a huge degree that the overall presence of evil was infinitesimally small.

While in coma, he showed no sign of brain activity – and his doctors were almost giving up on him. But on the seventh day of his coma, he just woke up. He made an astonishing full recovery within just weeks!

In his book, “Proof of Heaven”, he narrated everything he experienced and attempted to explain everything in scientific terms. Most of these explanations were too technical as these were not told in layman’s terms but some were easier to understand.

For example, he explained that people in coma are believed to produce a so-called “DMT-dump” wherein this naturally occurring serotonin agonist makes the person live in a dream-like state full of vivid hallucinations.

Dr. Alexander admitted to knowing the effects of hallucinates (like LSD) but as a neurosurgeon, he also knew that DMT requires “fairly intact auditory and visual neocortex as target regions in which to generate such a rich audiovisual experience”. However, at the time of his coma, his neocortex was already badly damaged by the bacterial meningitis and could not possibly help his brain create those vivid images he saw while he was out cold.

For better understanding of his experience, watch his firsthand account in this video:

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